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Zero Trust and
the Challenge of
Device Security

68% of Security professionals plan to use Zero Trust for devices. But applying Zero Trust principles to devices is difficult to achieve.

Why? Our survey of 388 IT Security professionals cites support issues, administrative burden, disruption to end-user access and lack of remediation options as the top obstacles.

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Download the report to learn:
  • How your peers view Zero Trust and device security
  • The biggest challenges in implementing Zero Trust
  • How far along others are in the adoption curve
  • How to overcome obstacles to implementation

About Us

Infinipoint is a pioneer in the Device-Identity-as-as-Service security category to extend a true Zero Trust security posture to devices. Infinipoint is the only solution that provides Single Sign-On (SSO) authorization integrated with risk-based policies and one-click remediation for non-compliant and vulnerable devices.